Shaving Foam Marbling

Today was shaving foam marbling day at Craft Club @Marmalade Skies and it was a big hit! If you want to give it a try you’ll need…

Shaving Foam (cheapest you can find is fine but it needs to be shaving foam not shaving gel)

A tray

Paint in squeezy bottles (I use IKEA kids paints which are perfect for this)

Cocktail sticks

White paper cut to fit inside your tray

A scraper (I used a bread dough scraper but you could use a card from your purse or a piece of cardboard, basically anything that has an edge to scrape with)

A spare plate or bowl for scraping the excess foam into

Wipes…lots and lots of wipes!


Give the can of shaving foam a good shake (kids like to help with this part too!) and then squirt the foam across the bottom of the tray. Let your child squirt the paint all over the foam (the kids LOVED this bit!). You might need to guide their hands to help them squirt paint all over the foam rather than in one big blob and you might want to limit them to just 3 colours to start with so you can see them clearly in the end result.


Once they’ve finished with the paint show them how to use a cocktail stick to swirl the colours together then let them go for it. Then gently put the piece of paper on top and pat pat pat gently all over the top of the paper. The kids can help you with this, you’ll just need to remind them to pat gently as it’s oh so tempting for them to squash their hands all the way in through that lovely foam! 157CE6F7-515B-4580-8AD8-29045D9ECAEA

Carefully lift the paper from the foam and ooh and aah over the pretty patterns it’s made! Now use your scraper to scrape all the foam off and you’ll see the marble pattern remain on the paper below. Cue more oohs and aahs!


Set the paper to one side to dry and return to the tray to add more paint and repeat the process. Once you’ve done this a few times the paint will become too mixed together for a clear print and you’ll lose some of the definition of the marbling. You can either wash the tray and start again or just add more foam on top and start again.


Once your artistic creations are dry you can glue them onto folded card to make beautiful cards for your children to give to family and friends.


Naomi x